Conditioning Station

Rapidly dry and cool hot wet parts with complex geometries using proprietary processes (see video at page bottom)


Electrical Test Equipment

Custom electrical circuit design and panel builds


LabVIEW Programming

Our Certified LabVIEW Developers have over 15 years of experience coding a wide variety of applications


Leak Test Correlation

Correlate working fluid leak to inert gas with our Helium Mass Spectrometer



Leak Test Spec Development

Assistance defining specifications for production level parts


Rig (Test Stand) Equipment

Customized test stand equipment tailored for integrated or modular systems


Panel Design & Build

Intuitive and functional panel designs for any application


Pressure Cycle Testing

Simulate part operating conditions with detailed performance reports


Process Development

Custom process development to your exact testing requirements


Supplementary Videos

Part conditioning
Micro-leak detection

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